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We want to be the first with future technologies to take the step from megatrend to concrete product so that we can continue to meet all of our customer and market requirements in the future. We are deploying the latest technologies to meet this big challenge.

We are taking our HARTING Experts Camp to the next level.

Experience live discussions and web-seminars with our experts from the technology group. Join the discussion when we answer your questions about highly flexible, modular systems, miniaturisation, advanced Ethernet and many other topics.

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Philip Harting
Chairman of the Board, HARTING Technology Group

Industrial Ethernet trends

Digitalization and the Internet of Things are making a key contribution towards shaping the development of infrastructures and networks. The more data we have, the more appropriate solutions are needed to cope with the resulting data volumes. Future advanced Ethernet systems must meet the ever-growing performance requirements. Let our web-seminars inspire you and find out what advantages these systems have for your company.

Innovations for a new era of PCB connectivity

In the age of Industry 4.0, PCB developers face new challenges. PCBs and their connectivity technology must become smaller, more powerful and more robust. In addition, smart industrial applications today require solutions that do not come off the peg. As the leading supplier of PCB connectors for decades, we have experiences from millions of applications – and get a brilliant understanding of how PCB connectivity needs to be designed today. In our sessions you will learn how groundbreaking new products and concepts will take PCB connectivity into the future.

Energy infrastructure solutions for mobile applications

Increasing energy efficiency is relevant to all areas of industry and the trend towards resource conservation is also a technology driver in the energy infrastructure sector. Energy storage systems for mobile applications must meet special requirements in terms of handling. We show you in a web-seminar how customized connectivity can offer significant advantages in this area.

Mechanical production engineering

Machine and plant engineers who pursue a consistent modular approach are typically very successful. The interfaces play a crucial role in these concepts. In this web seminar, we discuss modularization in mechanical engineering.


Small, highly flexible and economical connector solutions are required in machine and robot technology, logistics, rail applications and many other areas. In this web-seminar, we show you how ?to meet these requirements with our connector series.

Digital services

Modular systems are ideal for perfectly fitting an industrial connector into a wide range of applications. Digital services, such as configurators and the provision of digital product data, help to make the resulting complexity manageable and the development process easier. Experience in our web-seminar how our online tools also simplify your design-in.