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Schneider Electric and HARTING Partnership Series

Delivering solutions for real world Data Center applications – this is the basis for the partnership between HARTING and Schneider Electric Company. ?

Get a Quick Overview of HARTING and Schneider’s and Partnership

We partner with HARTING to deliver innovative solutions such as our critical power systems, cooling solutions, rack systems, and edge environments.”- Jesse Hanz: Director, Schneider Experience Centers

Learn How the Han? HPR Helped Schneider Enable Rapid Deployment of Prefabricated Data Centers

HARTING was the only manufacturer?that was able to develop a custom solution, meet the power requirements, and deliver to us in under eight weeks.”- Scott Neal: Director, Schneider Prefabricated Data Centers

Discover How the Han-Eco? and HARTING PushPull with PreLink? Replaced Hardwiring

“The connectors are quick so you don’t have to worry about point to point wiring in the junction box.”- Jeff St. Clair: Product Manager, Schneider Cooling?

See how the HARTING Han-Eco? Helped Schneider Industries Address Their Customers’ Need for Quick Rack System

“They had a key piece of the technology for us, the Han-Eco? Connector, which is the universal PDU connector.”- James Kummer: Product Manager, Schneider Rack Systems?