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HARTING Roadshow Truck

Get an edge over the competition by staying on top of connectivity technologies. Learn about the concepts, trends and products relevant to your needs. The HARTING roadshow truck brings technology and solutions to your doorstep.

About the HARTING Roadshow Truck

The HARTING Roadshow Truck is a travelling trade show that will educate you on connectivity technologies and trends – so you can find the best solutions for your applications.?Find the perfect products for you at the product stations:

  • Learn about unique solutions for your market at the HARTING market wall
  • Arm yourself with the educational materials you need by building a playlist in HARTING’s Knowledge Center App

Industrial Connectors

Quicken your design phase by seeing all the options in industrial connectivity in one place .? As the inventor of the rectangular connector, HARTING is the global standard in industrial connectivity. ?Highlights include:

  • Han? standard rectangular connectors
  • Modular connectors
  • Thermoplastic, lightweight connectors
  • Blind-mating connector solutions
  • UL 508A approved connectors
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Small Form Factor Industrial Connectors

Find the solution for your application that combines reliability with usability in a smaller profile. Highlights include:

  • Circular M8/M12 connectors and cordsets
  • Easy to use PushPull connectors with internal locking mechanisms
  • Smaller versions of the Han? series
  • har-port for easy panel access
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Board Level Connectors

Fast track your next design by finding all the right I/O, mezzanine, and interface connectors.?Highlights include:

  • DIN 41 612: Power, Signal, Mixed
  • D-Sub: Standard, High Density, Waterproof, Filter, Mixed, and more.
  • Cable-to-cable and cable-to-board connectors
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Industrial Ethernet Switches, RFID Solutions, and MICA

Find the IIoT Solution that can transform your business. ?With decades of experience in Industrial environments, HARTING is leading in reliable and rugged IIoT Solutions.? Highlights include:

What to Expect

The HARTING Roadshow truck brings technology, solutions, and experts to your doorstep.

In just 1 hour see our wide variety of products without having to travel further than your parking lot. Touch and feel our products and explore the HARTING solutions that you need to drive you to success.

How to Schedule Your Visit

Booking the HARTING Roadshow Truck is simple!

Inquire about a visit at your office by filling out our contact form?and a HARTING Sales Team member will reach out to confirm the event.

To find out when the truck will be in your area click on the schedule tab above.

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See When the HARTING Roadshow Truck will be Near You!

Due to the situation surrounding the Coronavirus, the Roadshow Tour has been postponed until further notice.

Don't see your location on our schedule below? Contact us so that we can fit you in.

There are some open weeks throughout the year for us to accommodate everyone.?Visit our events page to see more specific details on dates.

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South East

  • Week 01 |?Holiday
  • Week 02 | Holiday
  • Week 03?|?FL, MS, TN
  • Week 04?| FL, MS, TN
  • Week 05?|?GA, AL
  • Week 06?| GA, AL
  • Week 41?| NC, SC
  • Week 42?| Trade Show
  • Week 43?| Trade Show
  • Week 44?| NC, SC
  • Week 45?| KY


Southwest / West

  • Week 07?|?TX, OK
  • Week 08?| TX, OK
  • Week 09?|?CO
  • Week 10?| CO
  • Week 11 | AZ, SoCal
  • Week 12?| SoCal
  • Week 47?| TX
  • Week 48?| Holiday
  • Week 49 | TX
  • Week 50?| TX
  • Week 51?| Holiday
  • Week 52?| Holiday

North West

  • Week 13?| NorCal
  • Week 14?| NorCal
  • Week 15?| PNW
  • Week 16?| PNW
  • Week 17?| Canada - BC
  • Week 18?| Canada - BC
  • Week 19?| Canada - AB
  • Week 20?| Canada - AB
  • Week 21 | Trade Show
  • Week 22?| Trade Show


  • Week 23?| Midwest
  • Week 24 | Midwest
  • Week 25?| Midwest
  • Week 26?| Midwest
  • Week 27?| Holiday
  • Week 28?| Midwest
  • Week 29?| Midwest
  • Week 30?| Midwest, Canada - ON
  • Week 31?| Canada - ON
  • Week 46?| Midwest


  • Week 32 | OH, PA
  • Week 33?| OH, PA
  • Week 34?| PA
  • Week 35 | Canada - QC
  • Week 36?| New England
  • Week 37?| Holiday
  • Week 38?| PA, NJ, NY
  • Week 39?| PA, NJ, NY
  • Week 40 | MD, VA

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Please complete the contact form and a HARTING Sales Team member will reach out to discuss scheduling details. Please be mindful of when the truck will be in your area when requesting dates.

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