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Modular Industrial Computer Architecture (MICA)

Quick and easy handling, robustness, flexibility, a long life cycle and fast application development - MICA?is the best basis for your Industry 4.0 projects from machine monitoring to logistics and OEE.

MICA Edge Computing

The MICA?(Modular Industry Computing Architecture) combines industry-compatible hardware and open source-based software to perform decentralized tasks in the field.?The MICA?platform is based on a secure Linux system and the applications run in independent software containers. MICA?hardware is robust, suitable for industrial use and installed in a compact IP67 aluminum housing.?Depending on the application, different hardware modules and software apps can be combined from a modular system and expanded with their own hardware and software elements.

Retrofitting – Networking and monitoring of machines

With the MICA?Edge Computer, you can record measured values such as temperature, pressure, vibration and other sensor values and evaluate them automatically through permanent condition monitoring of your machines. Even with your existing installations.?Prefabricated and industrial-grade MICA?solution packages such as the IoT Kit can be installed in less than an hour and deliver the first data immediately. You can extend and adapt the solutions with additional sensors or with your own software.

MICA for condition monitoring

With the industrial-suited edge computing system MICA, you can implement your digital condition monitoring concepts directly on machines and systems.?MICA?monitors parameters such as temperature, vibration or pressure in order to detect faults on machines at an early stage. Depending on the application, suitable interfaces, software and sensors are combined from the MICA?modular system to form a solution package. The data collected can be aggregated, stored and visualized locally onsite on the MICA?or in the cloud. This increases availability and reduces maintenance costs.

Networking machines and facilities:

With the industrial-suited mini-computer MICA,?you can digitally retrofit your existing machines and facilities.?The IoT retrofit makes it possible to automatically record any sensor data so that you can analyze set-up and downtimes, faults or production losses or determine OEE KPIs.?MICA?can be used directly on the machine. It doesn't intervene with the production network, leaves the process architecture untouched and does not require any intervention in the machine control.

MICA? for asset management tracking

Manage your machines, systems and tools with RFID.?Barcodes are increasingly being replaced by RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) solutions in order to track processes. You can track containers, automate material logistics, or optimize container management or entire manufacturing processes.?With RFID you can even store selected manufacturing information on the component or the system itself and link it to other process data on the MICA. A further advantage is that old machines and systems can be retrofitted relatively easily with RFID.

Edge computing for industry, rail technology and intralogistics

The MICA?is specially designed for harsh environments and robust solutions and is tested according to established industry and railway standards. The solutions are tailored to the requirements of industrial applications and can be set up to meet the customer's individual requirements.?Find out more about complete solution packages and the wide variety of example applications being used in the manufacturing industry (Manufacturing/Machinery), rail technology?and transportation, and?intralogistics.

MICA solution packages – ready for immediate use

Ready-made and industrial-grade MICA?solution packages enables you to install and commission applications such as condition monitoring, asset tracking or plug-and-play retrofitting in just a few hours. We have a solution for your problem - from multi-sensor units for temperature, humidity, vibration, position changes, pressure, light, magnetic field and sound pressure, to asset tracking applications with industrial RFID tags and protocol transformations for injection molding machines, to plug-and-play retrofitting directly on machines with the tried and trusted Modbus protocol.

MICA - when the right interfaces are missing

Missing interfaces are a major problem when digitizing legacy machine parks: access is prevented by proprietary interfaces and manufacturer-specific automation protocols.?MICA therefore provides suitable interfaces, selected sensors and the appropriate software for a wide range of machines and applications. It is compatible with ?Modbus/TCP, EUROMAP 15, EUROMAP 63, MQTT, JSON, Rest, OPC-UA, IO Link and much more. Furthermore, our solution partners in the also transform unusual interfaces into the latest protocols.

MICA user community

The provides you with an active user community for the open computing platform MICA. Take advantage of the benefits: Exchange experiences, sample applications, ready-made solution packages and many specialized service partners who can also implement complex requirements.?Find out more about monitoring tramsways, monitoring of a material for CNC machines, plant monitoring with cloud solutions, securely encrypted data transmission and much more.

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Decentralized industrial computing nodes

Our starter kits are the MICA?Basic and MICA?2. They offer robust hardware and solid computing power for edge computing in harsh environments.

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Mobile gateways

The MICA?Mobile Gateways support WLAN, Bluetooth and 2G to 4G mobile networks. The applications range from wireless applications on mobile machines (forklift trucks, tractors, cranes) to stationary applications in remote locations that only allow communication with mobile radio to trains and vehicles that need to send and receive data on the move.

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MICA for prototyping

MICA?has a USB interface that enables you to quickly design and test industrial applications with commercially available USB dongles. Thanks to the internal USB architecture of the MICA, simple internal PCBs can be developed for the rollout, on which the prototype applications run without modification.

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"You are ready to go." Our MICA?Kits help you start your IoT project quickly. The kits contain everything you need for getting started with high IP protection classes and wide temperature ranges.

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MICA as a sensor interface

Regardless of whether it's new equipment or a retrofit, MICA?supports many of common interfaces in the field of mechanical and plant engineering. Systems?with?external?sensor technology can therefore be expanded both wired, for example with USB, IO-Link or Modbus, and wirelessly with RFID or?BLE. The?MICA?makes the sensor data available to the?target systems.?


MICA?as IT/OT gateway

Traditionally, machine and IT networks are strictly separated. Secure connections are required between these networks when IIoT is used. For decades now, our tried and tested "remote access" solution can be used to create secure connections. Full control is maintained as the connection is only made from the inside to the outside. The solution is ideal for machine manufacturers who want to offer their customers more services. Machine operators also benefit because they can offer their suppliers a clear and simple interface at the same time.


MICA software portfolio

Our software is based on the microservices concept. Your advantage: our software is durable, reusable and easily customizable. This means your investment is well protected. The software modules can be easily joined with a simple configuration. No programming required.

To the MICA software containers

Reach your goal quickly virtually no risk. Can IIoT projects do that? Yes, with well thought-out and tested solutions.?HARTING MICA?solution packages combine application-specific hardware, software, sensors, cables and all the other components needed to acquire and visualize your first data very quickly - typically in just 30-60 minutes. The open, modular MICA?architecture also allows you to customize, expand or reprogram solution packages according to your requirements using open source tools.

MICA IoT Starter Kit - Unpack, connect and evaluate in 30 minutes

The MICA?IoT Starter Kit combines a MICA?with a multi-sensor unit for temperature, humidity, vibration, position changes, pressure, light, magnetic field as well as sound pressure, cables, power supply and software for data acquisition, visualization and the creation of dashboards. Perfect for condition monitoring, or as a starting point for introducing IIoT. ?

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MICA for injection molding

It is a challenge to integrate plastic injection molding machines into IT networks. Different interfaces from different manufacturers (Arburg, Netstal, Ferromatic, Krauss Maffei) need to be read and written. MICA?for injection molding makes it easy to integrate different protocols such as Euromap 15, Euromap 63 and OPC-UA into IT systems and the cloud. The database can be easily expanded by incorporating additional sensors and asset tracking with RFID.

Machine monitoring

How is the motor doing, when is the conveyor stationary, does the overhead conveyor have an imbalance, has the CNC milling head become blunt, have arcs damaged the conductor rail??The HARTING Machine Monitoring solution packages offer an easy to install solution for monitoring critical motors, robots and cranes with current, temperature and acceleration sensors and other sensors. Limit values and notifications can be easily configured to prevent downtime and optimize maintenance intervals.


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MICA Device Management

MICA?Device Management offers the right support for managing MICA?installations in a local network. Detect your MICA?devices in the network, configure them and install software easily from your workplace.

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MICA injection molding vacuum sensor

The MICA?Edge Computer makes it possible to create applications for data acquisition, predictive maintenance, production control, energy management and much more.?In this injection molding application, the MICA?uses a vacuum system to detect the presence of metal inserts in the mould before injection begins. With MICA, operators can set the appropriate parameters for each part to be produced by simply selecting the appropriate reference on the control panel. The process will only continue when it has determined that the inserts have been positioned correctly. This minimizes the reject rate and saves time and raw material costs.

Automated tracking of goods with MICA and RFID

A tracking system for deliveries was implemented with MICA?in the new HARTING European Distribution Center (EDC).?As soon as the orders have been prepared for packaging, they pass through an inspection system based on the MICA?Edge Computer. The contents of each container are photographed. The resulting image is assigned to an order in SAP using the container's RFID.?The image is sent to the packing station with the order number so that packaging materials can be provided before the delivery arrives.

MICA for injection molding machines

As the world's leading manufacturer of electrical connectors, HARTING produces tens of thousands of injection molded parts every day. We apply strict production controls in all our processes to ensure the quality and traceability of all our products.?MICA?EUROMAP solution packages for injection molding machines capture all process information and store it for future reference. A temperature and flow control can be used to set the specific values for each piece produced. Settings no longer need to be made manually, thus shortening the setting times for tool changes.

MICA with RFID for logistics applications

The traceability process begins with a delivery at the new HARTING European Distribution Center. MICA-based RFID systems monitor the loading and unloading of up to 200 vehicles and the dispatch of up to 10,000 packages per day.

MICA Documentation

HARTING offers downloads here to help you with the MICA??(e.g. whitepapers, extensive technical documentation, regular software updates, press articles and our Terms and Conditions of Use).

All the documents necessary for implementing your MICA?projects can be found in the HARTING Download Center.

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MICA software

Programming environments, software tools, and trial versions of solution packages can be found at To install one of them please download the appropriate archive and install it using the Install button in the MICA WebUI. Administrator rights are required for installation.


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