Edge Computing Vertical Solutions

Machine Information Solutions

HARTING believes that there is a more practical and cost-efficient way of collecting data from machines. The solution is an edge computing device - the HARTING MICA? ?- that boasts a dynamic and open source architecture. Due to its versatility and ease of use, the HARTING MICA? was quickly integrated into HARTING’s manufacturing systems worldwide.

Injection Molding Solutions

Injection molding machines are the center of the manufacturing process for many companies and, due to the materials and processes used, one of the most complex machines on the floor.? This is why the first machines a company considers for upgrading with IIoT capabilities is usually the injection molding machines.?

Overhead Conveyor System Solutions

Conveyor systems are often the lifeline to a company’s productivity and the center of the factory.?Due to the fixed nature of the system, if there is an shutdown in one part of the conveyor, the entire process stops.?Downtime can be devastating, and preventing it is critical to staying competitive.?Condition Monitoring / predictive maintenance provides real-time insights into the health of the conveyor so maintenance teams can take action before a shutdown.

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